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Diving isn't sport for selected, but activity almost for everyone, all you need is will and you can go underwater to see new, colorfull, sea world. You can dive without any eqipment ( free diving), and with full equipment ( scuba diving). Both on little and big depth where you can make use of new technology. Some people reach more than 200 meters depth. The charm of this sport is - beside high risk - changing underwater landscape, richness of underwater fauna and flora. Diver never know what could see. Often books from childhood, desire to follow after something unknown and to rivaly with others encourage to go deeper and deeper.
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Scuba Diving Center present that there are following types of diving:
  • snorkeling - watching underwater world during flowing on the water with mask, pipe and flippers.
  • free diving - recreational, avaiable even for 10-12 yeared old child (for lower depth of course) without upper age limit, but specific by health condition of candidate.
  • technical diving - decompress, exceed recreational limits.
  • wreck diving - with shipwreck penetration.
  • cavern diving - with flooded tunnels, caves penetration - diving without opportunity of upright surfacing, not necessarily deep.
  • comercial diving - very difficult, with use of complicated diving eqipment.
  • saturnal diving - when inert gas absorbing by diver body, and descended from respiratory mixture, reach the highest possibility exterior value for set pressure.