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You can't learn dive during several houres or one weekend. In fact finishing diving course also do not mean, that you can already dive. Finishing such a course we know how to behave underwater, but only after about 100 dives we may say, that we could dive already.

Good diving course schould prepare us to this in proper way. Such course schould compose of theoretical lecture, basin part and diving at the open
Diving Courses
water. Generally student schould spend about 6 hours with diving eqipment underwater. Exercises during courses schould prepare students to handle typical stressful situation underwater. There are first of all mask loss and lack of respiratory factor. It is also important to put emphasis on swim control. During course, but before trip to an open water it is necessary to examination in order to make sure, that there is no contraindication to dive. Such examination could be made in club doctors or in specialist sport-medical health center.

Choosing course it is also worth to remember, that after course you get right to dive in similar or better condition than during course.